allegro - a musical term meaning bright and lively

Allegro HR regards Human Resources departments as strategic partners in shaping the organizational and human structures that enable an organization to attain its strategic goals. As our name suggests, we also believe HR can be lively and bright!

Many small and medium sized companies have recognized that, while they may not require a full-time Human Resources professional on staff, they cannot afford to operate without Human Resources systems and expertise. Allegro HR can provide the expertise needed in this increasingly complex world.  These services include:

•    Organizational development and design
•    Executive Coaching
•    Recruitment and Selection (including applicant interviews and reference checks)
•    Problem-solving facilitation
•    Conflict resolution facilitation
•    Labor law compliance
•    Policy and procedure development (including employee handbooks)

Linking Human Resource practices to the strategic goals of the business can be challenging when the business environment is constantly changing. Organizational development is a planned effort aimed at managing evolving business needs including culture, structure, people, leadership and technology. Successfully managed organizational development leads to high levels of work performance, improved working relationships and provides for enhanced results for the entire organization.